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The purpose of this lesson is to introduce the use of Job Aids or memory joggers for doing standard operating procedures on the job.

Features & Benefits
Apply to all Technical Careers
Contribute to technical occupations in all 12 Career Clusters of the State Directors of Career and Technical Education. Aligned to applicable Occupational Skill Standards and Common Core Learning Standards.
On-the-Job Application
Instruction focuses on how content is used on the job. Occupational Profiles reveal how technicians use the skills.
Written especially for online reading, understanding, and retention, with measurable learning objectives. The eText is targeted to ages 16 through young adult. The ePlan supplements and reinforces learning.
Accurate Content
Every lesson is written and reviewed by content experts.
Everything is reviewed and renewed periodically. The eText eliminates the need for soon-to-be obsolete text books.
Parts of lessons may be selected to augment existing instruction. Lessons may be combined to create stand-alone course(s).
An introductory 30-day subscription is $4.99 per lesson (that’s per lesson, not per learner). This includes the instructor and up to 20 learners – that’s only about 25¢ per learner. Institutional subscriptions are available.
Assessment Tools
Practice eQuizzes, Attitude eSurveys, and Comprehensive Performance Examinations provide testing for credentialing.
Successful learners may be certified by the Soft Technical Skills Institute at and receive wallet cards and digital badges for job seeking and advancement.
Improve Instruction
Instructor competence is enhanced. Every ePlan includes everything needed to teach the lesson. Describes step-by-step procedures for deductive approaches of lecture/discussion or “flipped classroom.” Same for inductive approaches, such as Problem-Solving, Applied-Research, or Project-Based instructional strategies.
Broad Application
Lessons may be used in career-focused high schools, community colleges, technical institutes, proprietary training, in-house corporate training, military, corrections, and other settings.
Continuous Support
Receive free weekly updates from the Lesson Up-date Net-work.